Welcome and thank you for applying to our language school. You have made an excellent choice. Our mission is to provide best teacher experience – something you will discover embraces both classroom teaching as well as the opportunity to develop and hone your leadership potential. In choosing us, you are joining a national leader with a growing international profile. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by talented and engaging teachers, brilliant and challenging trainers, unlimited opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, and helpful, friendly staff committed to supporting your success. We are a diverse and inclusive community united by a sense of pride and school spirit unrivaled in Iran – a community that will welcome you warmly into our family.
We urge you to explore and take advantage of all that we have to offer.
Again, congratulations and thank you for choosing our language school.
در صورتی که قبلاً ثبت نام نموده اید می توانید از این لینک وارد شویدورود
مشخصات فردی
1- نام: 2- نام خانوادگی:
3- کد ملی:   4- تاریخ تولد:
5- محل تولد:   6- شماره شناسنامه:
7- نام پدر:   8- جنسیت:    
9- وضعیت تأهل:    
استان :            شهرستان :    
10- کشور:   11- شهر:
12- آدرس پستی:
13- شماره تلفن ثابت:
  14- شماره موبایل:
15- آدرس ایمیل:     16- کد پستی:
کد زیر را وارد نمائید